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1) The College Library remains open for issue and receipt of Books on every working day from 7.30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

2) Books will be Issued to the Students from . 9.00 a.m. to 1 p.m.

3) Books from the college Library are issued generally only to present students of the college and the members of the staff. Only in special cases books may be issued to outsiders on payment of a deposit fixed in each case by the Principal.

4) Students will ordinarily be allowed to borrow one book at a time.

5) No student shall keep the Library books for more than 10 days from the date of issue. The student will be expelled from the Library until the books are returned.

6) Students are prohibited from passing books issued to them to others.

7) Students should not write on the pages of Library books or even underline or mark any passage in any way.

8) Reference Books are may be consulted in the reading room only and under no circumstances they are taken away from the library.

9) A book, lost or mutilated, shall be replaced with a new copy of the same; if not, its price is to be paid by the borrower.

10) Absence from the college will not relive a borrower from the responsibility of returning books on the due date.

11) Strict silence is to be observed in and around the Library.

12) Members of the teaching staff, and non-teaching staff, students, members of the college Governing Body and the Librarian become IPSO FACTO members of the library.

13) No non-member shall be admitted into the Library except when he/she is introduced by a staff member provided that such an admission is not to be construed as conferring the privilege of making use of Library for reference purpose. Students are not permitted to introduce non-members to the Library.

14) Smoking in the Library and Campus is strictly prohibited.

15) Students are not allowed during the Lecturing Hours.


Dailies : 1. The Hindu, 2. Eenadu, 3. Andhra Jyothi

Monthly : 1. Careers360 Magazine

Fortnighties & Monthlies : 1. telugu Vidyardhi, 2. Ramakrishna Prabha, 3. The Vedanta Kesari.

Journals : 1. Southern Econmist, 2.inflibnet